Etiology of CVI and Related Conditions

A healthy circulatory system is important to general health maintenance. Thousands of tiny capillaries converging into veins and arteries wind their way through the human body carrying blood that transports vital oxygen, nutrients, enzymes, hormones and other biological essentials. If the walls of these blood vessels are damaged due to oxidative deterioration, a sedentary life style, or factors such as over or under nutrition, the individual develops dilated veins. In the United States, varicose veins are reported to affect over 50% of middle-aged adults2.

In literature, several causative factors are reported for CVI, varicose veins, spider veins and hemorrhoids2,3:

  • Weakness of the veins or venous valves due to genetic factors

  • Excessive venous pressure due to straining during defecation (often due to constipation induced by a low fiber diet);

  • Long periods of standing, and/or heavy lifting leading to strain in the limbs

  • Damage to the veins or venous valves due to inflammation

  • Weakness of the vascular walls due to loss of structural integrity of the connective tissues.


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