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Evonik extends partnership with Sabinsa

April 16, 2008

Evonik Industries and Sabinsa Group, a whollyowned subsidiary of Sami Labs Ltd., India have elevated their exclusive marketing partnership with the Personal Care product line of Evonik on a new level. Evonik will now offer more specialized, standardized botanical actives & extracts from Sabinsa, all specifically developed for cosmeceutical use, to the personal care industry worldwide. This new agreement deepens the one year old partnership and enables Sabinsa to get their innovative and efficacious active ingredients into the global cosmetic and personal care market by tapping into Evonik's extensive customer base.

Willy Klipp, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Evonik's business line Care Specialties, state "Collaborating with Sabinsa has allowed us to strategically broaden our ingredients portfolio with novel nature-derived active ingredients. As these bio-active compounds exactly meet the needs of our customers, we want to offer them now another two Sabinsa cosmeceuticals for the development of innovative products and new applications."

Shortly Evonik will introduce Venocin™(90%), a standardized extract derived from the seeds of the Horse Chestnut tree for the cosmetic market. Horse chestnut extract is clinically proven to benefit people suffering for example from varicose or spider veins. The second "new entry" is Xymenynic Acid, obtained from Santalum album seeds. The standardized powder extract adds an anti-inflammatory effect to personal care products. These products will complement the already existing range of new plant extracts originating from the cooperation with Sabinsa: Tego® Galanga, obtained from the roots of Kaempferia galangal; Tego® Policosanol, a mixture of higher aliphatic alcohols extracted from sugar cane wax; Tego® Arjuna, a standardized extract from the heartwood of the Terminalia Arjuna tree; and Tego® Turmerone, a distilled fraction of turmeric oil from the root of Curuma longa by a supercritical carbon dioxide process.

These products are produced at Sami Labs Ltd., Sabinsa's national award winning research centre in Bangalore, India and have been tested for safety and efficacy in their biological research laboratory by advanced in vitro systems like cell lines and bioassays.

"At the first anniversary of our marketing partnership, we are pleased to announce that this successful collaboration has reached a new level. Working with Evonik's business line Care Specialties not only allows us to strengthen the market penetration for our line of active ingredients for the cosmetic industry, but permits us to focus on our core competency of developing safe and effective ingredients for the global market. By leveraging the key strengths of both companies, we are confident we can develop and deliver even more innovative and efficacious products that meet the needs of consumers", stated Dr. Muhammed Majeed, founder and CEO of Sabinsa Group.

Company information

Evonik Industries is the creative industrial group from Germany which operates in three business areas: Chemicals, Energy and Real Estate. Evonik is a global leader in specialty chemicals, an expert in power generation from hard coal and renewable energies, and one of the largest private residential real estate companies in Germany. Our strengths are creativity, specialization, continuous self-renewal, and reliability. Evonik is active in over 100 countries around the world. In its fiscal year 2007 about 43,000 employees generated sales of about €14.4 billion and an operating profit (EBIT) of more than €1.3 billion (preliminary figures).

Sabinsa Group, founded in 1988 in USA, is a manufacturer and supplier of herbal extracts, cosmeceuticals and fine, specialty and intermediatory chemicals. Sabinsa's mission is to provide alternative and complementary natural products for human well-being. Over the past nine years, Sabinsa has brought to market more than thirty standardized botanical extracts and privately funded several clinical studies in conjunction with prestigious institutions in support of these products. With more than 100 scientists working full time conducting ongoing research both in India and the United States, Sabinsa continues to develop and patent cosmeceuticals for the world market. For more information visit, and


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Sabinsa Corporation Announces Two New Proprietary Extracts: Silbinol and Venocin

October 10, 2000

PISCATAWAY, NJ - Sabinsa Corporation announces two new products added to the company's catalogue of proprietary dietary supplement ingredients: Silbinol™ and Venocin™. The company has material in the warehouse for both products and samples can be sent out immediately. Web sites are set up which contain detailed information on each product.

Silbinol™ is a trademark of SABINSA CORPORATION for a standardized extract obtained from the heartwood and bark of Pterocarpus marsupium (Indian Kino), useful in maintaining healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Pterocarpus marsupium, belonging to the Leguminaceae family is known as 'Vijaysar' and 'Asan' in Hindi & Sanskrit respectively. The heartwood and bark have been traditionally used in the management of diabetes and hyperlipidemia. For more information see

Venocin™ is a standardized extract obtained from the seeds of the Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L.) tree. The extract is standardized to contain a minimum of 20% escin (for oral administration) or 90% escin (for topical applications). Horse chestnut extract is clinically proven to be beneficial to people suffering from varicose veins, spider veins, hemorrhoids and related circulatory problems or "chronic venous insufficiency" (CVI).

The horse chestnut tree, indigenous to Asia and northern Greece is now cultivated in many areas of Europe and North America. The fruit is made up of a spiny capsule containing one to three large seeds. Traditionally, the seeds, leaves, and bark, were used in medicinal preparations. For more information see

Sabinsa is offering Venocin in two grades: a powdered extract standardized to 20% escin for nutritional use and a powdered material standardized to 90% escin for cosmetic and topical use.

Sabinsa Corporation is an application-oriented manufacturing and marketing company which manufacturers and supplies Phytonutrients, Ayurvedic herbal extracts and specialty fine chemicals used for nutritional, pharmaceutical and food products. Sabinsa distinguishes itself by its extensive research support for its customers and products, and the scientific credentials of its key technical staff.

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